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Golden poppies are just starting to turn their faces to the sun all over the beautiful hills and neighborhoods of Globe-Miami, Roosevelt Lake and Peridot Mesa. This year, everyone is invited to experience the warmth and wonderfulness of the spectacle April 1-3, 2022.


Click this link to get the schedule for the AZ Poppy Fest. Events will be held in the Roosevelt Lake area Friday, April 1. Globe will hold a socially distanced Downtown event on Saturday, April 2. San Carlos will hold its second annual event on Sunday, April 3.

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Things To Do

Click here to find out about all of the fun things to do while you and your friends are visiting our unique and history-rich area!

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Map & Directions

Visit Globe Miami, Roosevelt Lake, and San Carlos Apache Tribe Peridot area to see the poppies in full bloom. Click this link to access the map of the area.

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